The trailer for that latest Lance Armstrong documentary has just dropped and it promises the truth. Actually scrap that, it promises “Lance’s truth” whatever that means…

No matter what your opinion of Lance, there is no denying he was an incredibly motivated and highly talented athlete. An absolute monster on the bike (and arguably, off it too). That’s all I’m going to say about that side of things. Check out the trailer below, it looks like it could be interesting! The full two-part doco drops on ESPN starting May 24th.

Oh and Big Jim, check that Trek at 1 minute! (could be a 5500, but close!)

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  1. The Omil says:

    Not really possible to forgive the lying, cheating and bullying but (in the absence of any electric motor expose) it was him pushing the pedals round and he gets my respect for that.

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    1. No doubting his ability to crush it on a bike!


  2. Lance is history as far as I’m concerned. Not interested in anything he has to say because, as you mentioned, it’s Lance’s verion of the trut – a bit like Trump.

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  3. Jeremy Alan says:

    Looking forward to it!

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  4. bgddyjim says:

    I love the USPS 5500 – and that is a ’99 as well. Armstrong got a wheel upgrade and he’s using an aftermarket stem and seat post. Unlike many people, and possibly being American has something to do with it, I don’t have a problem with his cheating as everyone else was at the time. The only thing he did different was do it better than most everyone else to be the most tested man in the sport and only come up positive once. Even Merckx got caught thrice. That said, I agree with the previous comment on the bullying. That was unconscionable. Almost as unconscionable as the crack about Trump, which was ignorant. I won’t wander much farther into the weeds on that, though.

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    1. Yep it’s not the drugs I have the issue with (you don’t win the TdF on water alone) it’s the ruining of other’s careers through bullying riders, reporters, pressuring others to use, etc that is the real issue. But it’s all history. I’ll watch it because it’ll be interesting. Won’t be viewing it as “truth” though!

      I’m still hunting for a 5200 or 5500 to restore. 🙂


      1. bgddyjim says:

        😁👍 It’s a fantastic frame. You’ll dig it if you snag one.

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  5. John Hallas says:

    I am still a Lance fan. Everyone else was cheating , he was just better than the others, both as an athlete and at using drugs.

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  6. Being from Texas, USA, living in his former town of Austin, literally went to his parade, having passed each other (opposite directions) a few times, go to his shop sometimes, ride on the bikeway in his name — no doubt there’s a legacy there. Too bad it was tainted and many of us drank the Kool Aid but at some level many thought it was too good to be true. Say what you will about the man, but no one is perfect, and no one is perfectly good or evil. The phrase “judge not lest ye be judged” comes to mind, and the sanctimonious BS from many armchair riders is laughable. What it took for him to fight back cancer, for example. The guy has ball. :-) I do find it odd few people ever mention the Livestrong Foundation he started, which still exists. It has helped many cancer survivors. I’ve yet to access this documentary or any of the others or fictionalized stories, but I find it interesting ESPN would do this after many years. He’s paid his dues and yet has never been totally contrite, but at least recognizes he can’t make up for what he did. I guess the debate won’t be resolved. I say have a dirty Tour and a clean one. Well, thanks for the post, TC.

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