Covid-19 has killed the club ride!

Well, it’s official. The Coronavirus has killed off the club ride. Okay so maybe that’s a slight overstatement, but it’s not far off the truth. 

In a statement released earlier, Cycling Australia have recommended that; “all organised club activities that involve close contact be suspended.”

The statement goes on to advise; “If riding two abreast, keep the maximum allowable gap of 1.5 metres between riders and a gap of at least 1.5 metres to the rider in front of you, including while stopped at intersections. Limit groups or bunches to 10 or fewer riders.”

So the advice for group rides is to stay 1.5 metres apart side-by-side and leave at least a 1.5 metre gap to the rider in front?

One point five metres! Or FIVE FEET APART in imperial measurements! That’s close enough to a whole bike length! Forget about a decent draft effect. Forget about a close knit, efficient bunch cruising down the road at speed.

When drafting a reliable wheel in front at high speed I’m talking in inches, not feet! Those guidelines might be okay for the casual cafe cruise, but certainly not any decent-paced bunch.

The Cycling Australia statement also recommends at cafe stops cyclists should “keep helmets, gloves and sunglasses away from tables.” That’s good advice in general – sweaty helmets on cafe tables is a huge pet peeve of mine, but that’s a WHOLE OTHER post (and mega rant).  

I’ve seen on social media that many clubs have already postponed any further races and even cancelled their official club rides. The government in Italy and Spain have gone as far as to actually BAN recreational cycling completely. It seems we might soon have to be indoor-only cyclists after all, hahaha!

Anyway… At the end of the day it’s a first world problem. Being able to cycle is the least of a lot of people’s worries at present. We should manage our own risk and do what we can to keep ourselves safe and protect the more vulnerable.

Stay strong and healthy out there! :-) 

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  1. British Cycling have cancelled all events and, as a club, Woking CC are following goverment advice and cancelled our club rides, socials, competitive events and Go-Ride. It’s solo rides only while we still can. And just when I was thinking about getting the shorts out!

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    1. Argh man that’s a tough one. Just coming into the nicer months too, but you gotta do what you must to protect the club and it’s members. Ride safe!

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  2. idlecyclist says:

    Cycling Ireland cancelled all events on Friday and then on Saturday recommended that clubs cancel all club spins and suggested that cyclists cycle individually only. I hope we don’t go to the full lockdown that Italy, France and Spain have been forced to do. Outdoor walking, running and cycling is an important mental health treatment for many people and removing the ability to do so, even on their own, could be a tough call 😔

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  3. ericritter65 says:

    5 feet seems a bit excessive, but I have self imposed solo riding here in the States, so unless then Ban outdoor cycling, I’ll be on the road miles from other cyclists!

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  4. Banned here in Spain full stop. Army on streets outside my hotel today. 3000 euro fine. Cant wait to go home and ride in the UK

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    1. Can’t wait to leave Spain and ride in the UK instead? Now THAT’S something you don’t hear often! 🤣

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  5. bgddyjim says:

    Helmets are to be removed, straps snapped, and slung over stem and handlebar, so as to facilitate drying whilst said cyclist is enjoying their tasty treat.

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    1. Anything less is a crime against cycling and good etiquette!

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