Happy New Year! How a decade has aged me…

Here’s a giggle for you all to ring in the new decade! Two photos of yours truly, taken almost exactly 11 years apart! I’ve been riding bikes of all sorts, shapes and sizes for most of my life. I love life on two wheels and every opportunity for a ride I grab hold of with both hands. Recently I stumbled across an old photo of me when I used to ride BMX quite a lot, so I decided to recreate it!

Here’s the first photo; taken in November 2008. I was living in England at the time and used to ride out with a good bunch of mates to hit the local skate parks and street spots most days. Good times…

November 2008 in Bourne End, Bucks (England)

The second photo (below) was taken almost exactly 11 years later – December 2019. I don’t ride these little bikes as much as I used to anymore, but I do still have a soft spot for them. I like to get out and bust a few hops or tricks every now and then, just because I can, although my ability to crash and then bounce back up again isn’t quite what it used to be! So here I am, all these years later and still kicking it on a BMX from time to time…

December 2019 in Tasmania (Australia)

It also reminds me to never take myself too seriously. Happy New Year and New Decade to you all. The last decade has certainly been a journey for me. I hope 2020 brings you many good memories and great rides. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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