Your local cycling club needs YOU!

I’ve just renewed my Woking Cycling Club membership for another year. I haven’t been in the UK for coming up on two years now and I have no idea when I’ll be back, but I’ll always be a Woking CC member. I’d buy lifetime membership if they offered it. From half a dozen guys meeting…

Throwback: The first ride I uploaded to Strava!

Today we take a trip back to 2012. I’d been “road cycling” for a little while already on a flat-barred Hybrid, but was starting to take it a little more seriously. Moving on from my Cateye wheel-magnet based cycling computer, I’d just got my hands on a Garmin Edge 200 thanks to a competition prize….

Tips to complete the Rapha Festive 500

It’s December once again and thoughts turn to Christmas holidays, maybe a bit of time off work and of course the possibility of attempting the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. The Festive 500 is a Strava challenge where entrants need to ride 500km (311 miles) over 8 days starting on Christmas Eve. All finishers receive a beautiful…

Tandem Travels!

In almost a polar opposite to my recent power training post, I also absolutely love riding tandem bikes. It’s simply what cycling is all about once you strip away the fast ride politics, the endless number crunching, the Strava files and training plans. Being on a tandem is about getting out there and having fun just…

Flash of the badge

Alongside the very real gift of fitness, all of the Woking CC club members who get out and complete the Metric Century Challenge each year receive a very nice cloth badge to celebrate the achievement. Thanks Steve for posting mine out to Australia! It’ll take pride of place next to last year’s badge! #keepcycling