CLC2018 Ride 4: Local loops and meeting new friends

This morning I set out on my ride with two goals: to clock up 100km and to average 30kph over the ride. I had a plan to ride my local “Bakery Loop” training circuit until I had the job done.

I love this loop as it snakes along the coastline offering beautiful views across the bay to Hobart in the distance, before swinging inland, up a punchy little climb and through the countryside back to the start. The roads are rolling and there are only two junctions where you (rarely) have to give way to cars. It’s great when I am on a time limit too as at any point I am never more than 10km from home.

Did I mention the views? But shhhhh! Tassie is our little secret, okay? ;-)

About 20km into my ride I spotted another rider up ahead. As I got nearer I saw the giant “Q” on the back of his jersey (for Qhuebeka cycling) and knew it was Quinton, a local guy I only “knew” on Strava but had never actually met. I pulled alongside and introduced myself. We rode side-by-side for about 20km, chatting away and keeping the tempo spot on before he had to turn for home. The power of Strava and the internet – connecting riders in real life!

I am pretty lucky to have this basically on my doorstep!

I carried on with my “Bakery Loops” intent on doing another 60 to hit my 100km target. With each loop the call of the bakery (which does a fantastic caramel slice) got stronger, but there’d be no stopping today! The legs were feeling it and by 80km every little climb was wearing away at me. Completing the last lap and turning for home I was hit with a headwind! Ergh. I was already tired enough and it was a bit of a push to keep the speed up over those final few kilometres. Passing the school fete and smelling the sausages sizzling on the BBQ almost did me in!

A few more km’s and I rolled home with 103km on the clock, 820m of elevation gain and a final average speed of 30.1kph. Job done and a great morning on the bike.

Around and around and around and around…

Afterwards the wife and I went into town for an early lunch at our favourite cafe. It’s got a beautifully secluded “secret garden” style eating area out the back. I got a well deserved cappuccino and a bacon and egg toasted wrap. Happy days.

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