Your local cycling club needs YOU!

I’ve just renewed my Woking Cycling Club membership for another year.

I haven’t been in the UK for coming up on two years now and I have no idea when I’ll be back, but I’ll always be a Woking CC member. I’d buy lifetime membership if they offered it.

From half a dozen guys meeting under a tree in the middle of winter for a spin into the Surrey Hills to over 200 members and multiple rides for all abilities, Woking CC has gone from strength to strength. If you’re not a member of a local cycling club then this year put it on your to-do list.

Joining a club was one of the single best things I ever did for my cycling. I met so many great friends, vastly improved my fitness and group riding skills, explored new roads, ate loads of delicious cake, helped out with the racing and came away with too many good memories to mention.

The UK cycling club scene is thriving, but that is down to the people who really get in and make it happen. The unsung club heroes. So be sure to throw your support behind your local club. I don’t mean just show up to the Sunday club ride each week, although that’s great in itself. Get involved at ground level – volunteer to lead a ride, marshal at a race or time trial, join the committee, attend the social events, be a real part of your club.

Your local cycling club needs you! And you need your local cycling club.Β Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Amen, brother. I’m the dictator… err, President of our local club.

    Truer words were never written, my friend. Great post.

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    1. You’ve got a great thing going on over there with the Hammers! Nice work, Prez! πŸ™‚


      1. bgddyjim says:



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