HOW TO: Update your Strava privacy and set hidden zones

Strava have recently added some new privacy settings to your profile, so now is a time to have another look at your current settings and maybe tighten up the security on your account.

You should already at a least be using the “Hide Your House” option to keep the start and finish points of your regular rides from showing up (ie: your house or even work).  In the past there have been reports of clued up bike thieves using Strava data to target homes with expensive bikes. This privacy zone can be set from 200m up to a 1000m radius, which is good if you live in a more rural area.

The new settings can enhance your privacy further. Ever had loads of random kudos from Zwift riders or for a Sportive where Strava has shown you “rode with” a whole bunch of strangers? Well now you can also hide your activity from group rides, so it only shows to athletes you follow or that follow you. You can also remove an activity from Strava segment leader boards completely for added privacy.

Alongside the “Hide Your House” option, I have my Strava profile page and training log set to private, with my activities uploaded as private by default. So spend a minute or two now reviewing your settings to ensure you’re happy with your Strava privacy.

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  1. miscykw says:

    Always a good thing to do – I have created privacy zones around home and work now :) thank you

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  2. alexmwilkins says:

    I occasionally get follow requests from random people I have never ridden with and wonder why. My activity feed is really not that interesting! =)

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    1. I get a lot of requests from Zwift riders all over the world. No idea why either!


  3. Thanks for the blog. I have created my privacy zones and removed the FlyBy option. You can never be too careful, there are some dodgy people out there

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