When Twitter is awesome, plus bonus Peter Sagan content!

Every now and then, Twitter can be truly awesome. Take this example: A budding young cyclist, Ruby from the UK recently tweeted to Peter Sagan about their shared love of post-ride Haribo…

Then this happened…

A retweet and reply from the World Champion himself!

There are so many reasons to love Peter Sagan and this is simply one more shining example to add to that list! A true ambassador of cycling. In a sport where many take themselves way too seriously, Sagan is a breath of fresh air.

See this article on Cycling Tips about Sagan’s infamous Haribo habits.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    No doubt, he is a great professional.

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  2. biggs682 says:

    Hope the young lady remembers that


  3. Pete Osborn says:

    Little things matter greatly. That’s taken him less than a minute to do, but has made that little girls day. Fantastic.

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    1. So true. Such a simple yet incredible gesture!


  4. alexmwilkins says:

    Very cool indeed.

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