A week of falling TT records

It’s been a month of falling records on the UK TT scene! First up the men’s 10-mile record was obliterated by Marcin Bialoblocki who clocked a mind blowing time of 16:35 averaging over 36mph to do so. He crushed the old record of 17:20 set by Alex Dowsett and is now the only man ever to go under the 17 minute barrier!

csasspzwyaa74leMarcin Bialoblocki looking 100% aero on his record breaking ride.

James Gullen of Pedal Heaven also went under Dowsett’s old record with a time of 17:09 an incredible ride overshadowed by Marcin’s superhuman effort.

Then a few days later the women’s 10-mile record was also smashed (again). This time Hayley Simmonds took the record back from Anna Turvey, posting a time of 18 minutes 36 seconds to become the only woman ever to have gone under 19 minutes!


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  1. biggs682 says:

    Makes my normal 10 mile pootling time of 35 minutes look horrendous oh well at least i always enjoy the rides

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    1. Absolutely. I’d be lucky to even come close to that time on 10 miles worth of downhill! They must have been in quite a hurry to get to the cafe… ;-)


  2. James Gullen is local to me here in Lancaster and so word soon got round about his ridiculous time. But that aero position by Bialoblocki is something else, isn’t it!


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