Millimeters Matter!

Yesterday for the first time in a while, I took the TT bike for a spin. Less than five miles down the road my quads were protesting, I was shuffling around on the saddle and I just wasn’t feeling “right” on the bike. I pulled over for a quick roadside evaluation, resulting in me lifting the saddle by a mere 4mm. Might not sound like a lot, but oh the difference it can make!


Back on the bike and I could immediately feel the change. Back to business! The bike and I were at one again! I smashed out the rest of my ride in comfort locked into the TT tuck, picking up a few PB’s along the way. I guess it pays to check your bike setup every now and then. My seat post must have slipped over a bump at some point.

When it comes to bike setup, millimeters matter!

(oh and excuse my American spelling of the word, just this once)

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  1. scottworlduk says:

    Oooo you must be getting older and fatter … (Comes to us all) give it a year an you will need to blow the tires up harded to compensate for the belly. :-)

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    1. Haha yeah all that extra weight on the saddle! Gotta nip those bolts up a bit tighter to stop things slipping under my hefty behind…


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