Finally out on the speed machine!

After a foggy start to Saturday morning, the sun cleared the air and made way for a bright and calm afternoon. Earlier in the week we’d had a decent downpour to wash most of the salt and crud from the roads so everything was falling into place.

The time trial bike had been staring at me from the corner of the room just tempting me to get out for a blast. Today had to be that day! Sure it was still chilly (long sleeve base layer plus long sleeve jersey) but it was looking like the best weekend of the year.


After a short warm-up spin I could feel the build-up of fatigue from my commute miles in my legs, but I threw in a sneaky loop around a local ten mile TT course anyway (averaging north of 22mph, forgot how much that can hurt) before aimlessly cruising some familiar roads, just enjoying a rare afternoon of English sunshine!


Once I’d run out of water I circled home, finishing with a little over 50 miles and an average of 19.6mph. A quality first outing of the year on the Stealth! Life is good and I can’t wait to push harder on fresh legs! #keepcycling

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  1. Bill Chance says:

    Nice entry. There’s nothing better than those fast, long rides as the weather gets better. I’m afraid I’m more of a slow urban cyclist – my engine is all old and worn out – but I appreciate the effort and speed.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. bgddyjim says:

    Nice ride, brother… And MAN, do I love that bike!

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    1. Thanks man. It’s certainly a lot faster than I am, haha!

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  3. bonnev659 says:

    that bike looks fast, is there a write up about your bike?

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    1. Thanks! :-) No I haven’t done a write-up about it as I didn’t really thing people would be interested! I may do one soon (if the weather is nice enough to take some decent photos).

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      1. bonnev659 says:

        I be happy with pictures enjoy

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