Camp Heartbreak: Pro Women’s Cycling

Ever wondered what it takes to turn professional? Or what testing protocols are used to select the cream of the crop? Well if you’ve got a spare half hour grab yourself a coffee, sit down and watch this documentary:

It’s a behind the scenes look at the Australian Women’s Development Team selection camp. It’s a nine day cycling boot camp designed to test the women to their limits and beyond, with only the toughest and most resilient surviving the selection process. It’s a controversial method that has drawn a lot of criticism, possibly not the best way to select an elite group of female cyclists but it seems to work for the Aussies.

Would you survive?

Talking women’s pro cycling, it’s the start of the Giro Rosa tomorrow – the women’s equivalent of the Giro d’Italia grand tour. Forget the Tour de France for a moment, we’re in for ten days of tough and exciting racing from the ferocious women first!

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  1. The Women’s Tour has been through my local area twice recently and the excitement is palpable. There are some very talented riders in professional women’s cycling and some very brave ones, as demonstrated yesterday in Paris. Great to see! 😀


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