More training & some new kit!

Glad to report that my training is back on target at last! :-) Last weekend I did a 40-mile lumpy ride on Saturday, followed by 65 fast paced solo miles on the time trial bike on Sunday. That ride included 30 miles at a shade below race pace, holding the TT tuck on the extensions for almost the entire effort. I’m feeling totally comfortable now, something I attribute to adding core workouts to my weekly routine and of course spending lots of time training in the tuck.

11262378_401466836727158_7517411049128657988_oYesterday evening I attacked my local 10-mile time trial course. The effort felt fantastic and well measured, although I don’t think I pushed hard enough over the first half. I did manage to set a new 20-minute power PB during the TT so was pretty stoked about that! On the way home I still had enough energy left to hit a new 5-second sprint power PB too. This all bodes well for me finally clawing back some form.

In kit news, I recently felt the need for a new helmet. I’m a sucker for a bit of “free speed” so wanted something aero. After lots of internet research and some advice from the Time Trialling Forum, I settled on a C ORIGINALS G14 helmet:

C-ORIGINALS-G14Same helmet: Standard vented road setup on the left, full-on TT setup on the right!

I’m not sure why nobody has thought of this before! The G14 converts from a standard road helmet, into an aero road helmet and also into a full-scale aerodynamic time trial helmet. I managed to source one at half price from Sports Pursuit. So far I’ve only had the chance to test it in “aero road” mode. Certainly feels more slippery than my Specialized Propero II lid. Comfortable too! #keepcycling

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Sharp lid, man. Dig it!

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    1. Not sure it’ll make me much faster, but at least I’ll look faster… :-)

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        If you’re gonna be fast, it helps to look fast. 😁


  2. Lee says:

    hows the helmet in a full aero configuration? Thinking of getting one too.


    1. I haven’t road-tested it in complete aero mode yet, but from wearing it around the house it’s pretty comfy, hot though as there are no vents then. The side covers don’t quite go down over my entire ear (like a KASK Bambino would) which you can see in the picture. Also the visor was tricky to screw on as the holes in the visor didn’t quite line up properly and the screws are stubby. I don’t think I’d be happy if I’d paid full price for it, but it’s not a bad piece of kit when you compare the usefulness and price to other aero helmets.


  3. Can’t find many reviews for this helmet but looks a useful bit of kit – have you tried our full aero yet?

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    1. Yes but without the visor. Just the other day I took it for it’s first spin in full aero mode. Only a quick 20 mile ride but it was pretty comfortable and felt streamlined. There was a bit of rubbing where it didn’t quite cover my ears fully and with all the vents covered it was quite hot of course. Next to a KASK Bambino you can tell it’s cheap, but for me it’ll do the job just fine.


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