Kolonial – Prague’s Cycling Restaurant

There’s been a multitude of cycling cafes popping up around the woods in the past year or so, testament to the growing popularity of cycling in Britain. It can only be a good thing in my book as cycling and coffee go hand in hand! Recently on a trip to the Czech Republic, I stumbled across a little beauty – a cycling themed restaurant.

Tucked away in the lovely Jewish Quarter of Prague is KOLONIAL. A modern, yet character filled restaurant with a difference. It is billed as a cycling themed restaurant, the only one of it’s kind in the city. I say it’s a cycling themed restaurant, rather than a cyclist’s restaurant, as it’s aimed at non-cyclists as well (which are a large proportion of it’s customers).

Upon entering you are greeted by the enthusiastic staff, who all wear custom Kolonial cycling jerseys as their uniform. I thought this was a great idea! Also very practical as the rear pockets serve for storing notepads, pens, spare change, etc. The local beer bottle images emerging from the three rear pockets were a great touch too!

Kolonial is quite possibly the perfect place for a post-ride coffee. There’s no cycle racks outside, but secure cycle parking is provided inside the restaurant. I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino and cake for 85Czk (roughly £2.50).

The entire restaurant is covered in cycling memorabilia. Images from famous stage races and cycling themed art cover almost every inch of the restaurant. Bar stools constructed from leather Brooks saddles and classic Penny Farthings in the windows really give this place a classic cycling atmosphere. There’s even signed kit from local Pro riders and World Champ medals on display.

My morning coffee and cake was so good I decided to return to Kolonial for dinner as well. The menu is chock full of choices, including some Czech favourites. If you’re ever in Prague and fancy a great meal surrounded by cycling memorabilia then be sure to hit up Kolonial. It’s only a little off the main tourist route and easy walking distance from the Old Town. If you really love it then there’s the opportunity to purchase one of their custom jerseys to take home too. I can tell you I did…


Originally published on Wheelsuckers.

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  1. I’m very jealous that you have been to Kolonial again! I still dream about the chicken kebab with plum and apple!!

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    1. They do some incredible food! I need to go back over there and try a few more dishes! :)


  2. bgddyjim says:

    Gotta love the places that let you bring your bike inside!

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