From TT to Road bike: Aero topped handlebars

A little update on my winter project! As outlined previously I wasn’t getting enough use out of my Planet X TT rig so over the winter (still very much winter here in Tasmania) I’ve been fettling away to convert it from time trial weapon into a fast road machine.

Since my last update, I sourced a set of 3T Aero Nova handlebars. These are aero topped carbon fibre drop bars with internal cable routing. Sexy as hell I gotta say!

This was my first foray into internally routed cabling and it was quite the job. Luckily the bars came with hollow plastic tubes to help feed the cables though which made the job easier, but certainly not easy. The cables were fine, but there was a LOT of poking and prodding and swearing involved to get the fatter housings fed around the tight bends. It took the best part of an afternoon to get right.

Hoods pulled back and cables run through the feeder tubes.

Once fed through and seated properly, finishing the cables to the brakes and mechs was a breeze. The Planet X is old school so externally cabled – it may not be as pretty but it made my life much easier. To finish the job I went with my favourite bar tape, Lizard Skins 3.2mm DSP wrapped to just past the hoods. Classy.

The black colour of the bike and the bars don’t quite match, mildly annoying!

My first test ride was only a short 35km local loop just to dial in my position, index the gearing and get my head around SRAM DoubleTap shifting. Not sure I’m a huge fan of it yet, I guess it doesn’t help I’ve been rocking Ultegra Di2 for a bit! I’ll pass judgement and do a comparison to Shimano 105 further down the track. It still needs a little more fine tuning to get the shifts spot on.

The bike on the other hand is dead set awesome! :-)

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Very much dig it, brother. Nice work!


    1. Thanks. Can’t wait to give it a proper hammer once the weather improves.

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  2. Ian says:

    They are lovely.. colour match be dammed!

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  3. stuwj_velo says:

    Who’s got the Kawasaki? (2nd pic)

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    1. That would be me! Just recently got myself a sexy new 2017 Ninja 650! My entire world is two wheels, hehe.

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      1. stuwj_velo says:

        Good call! I’ve been out of it for a while now, but those bikes were always highly-regarded because they have the handling of a supersport 600 without the 2-stroke-esque power delivery of the rest of the class.

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        1. It’s certainly a much better bike than I am rider!

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  4. Steve Hellaby says:

    Hi Klem
    Would be interested in a comparison between the Di2 and the SRAM.


    1. Here you go Steve: Compared to SRAM Force, my 10-speed Ultegra Di2 is better is every, single way, except maybe weight. The end. :-)


  5. bonnev659 says:

    Awesome enjoy the internal cable routing

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  6. ride4passion says:

    Nice Job! I looking for a New bar to my gravel bicycle and your looks awesome!!!

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    1. Expensive, but totally cool. They do an alloy version too.


      1. ride4passion says:

        I was thinking about The bar from aliexpress but i saw a lot od fakes in web and i am afraid of it.


        1. Don’t do it! They’re all fake. I bought a 3T copy from Aliexpress just to see, looked good but poor quality finishing and felt weak. I wouldn’t trust it. Imagine if you hit a bump at 30mph and your bars snap. Best case scenario, goodbye teeth. Worst case…?


          1. ride4passion says:

            1 know…they are sometimes even half cheaper Than originals … why does The sport iż so expwnsive

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