Festive 500: It’s in the bag!

In the immortal words of NBA Jam …. Boom shaka laka!

With a final gentle ride today I completed the Rapha Festive 500! Thanks to an epic solo mission yesterday I found myself ahead of schedule. Something of a rarity for me I managed to stay on track and stick to my game plan. Actually I finished a day earlier than I had anticipated. That forward planning really paid off.


It was good fun, but I don’t think I’ll do it again. Having the time and opportunity to spend so many hours on the bike over the festive period is not something that happens very often! I was lucky this year. Also apart from the first day the weather has been pretty kind. So let’s check out my trusty spreadsheet:



You can see I didn’t quite hit my 320 target, but to complete the challenge I only needed to ride 311 miles so I did what I needed to do. Today’s 28 miles were very gentle on very tired legs.

Just as Rapha promised, it has been the “gift of fitness” at Christmas. Having ridden for the fifth consecutive day yesterday I really noticed an increase in endurance as I cranked out my first ever imperial century. Now to carry that fitness into the new year!


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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Congratulations man, nice job.

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  2. bribikes says:

    Wow, that is really inspiring.


    1. Thanks. Having a well deserved rest today. No more riding for the rest of the year now, haha!

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  3. velorichard says:

    Well done! Hoping to wrap up my 500 in the morning. It’s certainly been hardwork fitting all the rides in around family and Christmas, but worth it, although like you I don’t think I’ll do it again (famous last words!)


    1. Cheers. Be careful out there as it’s been freezing! Lots of black ice around on the back roads and shady lanes. I’ve stuck to main, gritted roads for the last few of my rides.


  4. Congratulations! Cracking effort. Can you get the T-shirt?


    1. I think you can buy a limited run t-shirt. The little cloth roundel is free if you apply for it on the Rapha site.


      1. Same as last year then. Congrats again.


  5. jamiewheels says:

    Well done! Quite an achievement in the festive weather!


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