Festive 500: Half time score

My Festive 500 spreadsheet is looking pretty good! As planned I completed a big ride on the first day. It was a tough ride through some pretty grimy weather. I probably pushed a bit too hard, but it needed to be done.


The ride on the 26th I cut short as it was below freezing. I delayed the start until mid morning and it was still -1.5 deg C even then! To keep the legs in the groove I added a short and very gentle ride today.

raphaI’m over half way through the mileage needed with half of the challenge days over. I really need to stay focussed and keep the momentum going in order to get this completed. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep then straight back in the saddle in the morning!


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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Good luck and keep it rolling!

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    1. Thanks. Went a little nuts today and knocked out 101 solo miles. It was sunny (but freezing still) so it was kind of rude not to! :)

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        That’s awesome! Gotta love that sun, it makes the cold a whole lot less sucky.


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