Goodbye, my dear friend Jon

You never know when that last ride will be.

That last time you spend wheel-to-wheel with a friend. Racking up the miles, racing up climbs, chatting the breeze, enjoying a well earned post-ride coffee together. Those times are precious. Today we lost one of the good guys. A riding buddy of mine, Jon.

Jon and I shared many a turn on the front of the bunch, riding together on numerous Sunday Church and Wednesday rides. I feel blessed to have known and ridden alongside him, if only for a relatively short time. Jon was always a positive energy on the bunch rides. He was a strong and skilful rider, one of those guys I trusted 100% when sitting inches from his rear wheel, or if he was inches behind me at high speed. More importantly, he was a wonderfully down to earth, all-round upstanding guy.

Like all of us, riding brought him great joy. Jon had recently retired and was living his new life to the fullest with trips to the French Alps, knocking out fast 5km Parkrun times, and enjoying plenty of time in the saddle. Only a couple of weeks ago he purchased a new “dream bike” too. According to Strava, he had barely put 50km on it.

I will miss him. We all will.

Ride high my good friend. Ride high. May heaven be full of sunshine, smooth blacktop, and tailwinds…

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  1. niall says:

    So sad 😔

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  2. alchemyrider says:

    My condolences to Jon’s family and his friends.

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  3. Sheree says:

    Such a shame

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  4. I’m sorry you lost a friend. A new bike, a recent trip….sounds like a good ending. I will always remember my last ride with my friend Curtis.

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  5. sorry to hear that. Always tough to lose a mate. RIP Jon

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