Look Mum No Hands!

After 13 years, one of London’s most iconic cycling cafés has closed it’s doors for the very last time. Look Mum No Hands! was a much loved institution not only with the trendy fixie-riding London hipster crowd, but with roadies as well. It was the start point, end point, or mid-ride snack stop for many on their regular weekend bunch rides.

As it was right in the heart of London itself, I didn’t cycle there as much as I would have liked (preferring the quieter country roads into the Surrey Hills or Buckinghamshire). I did get down there to watch a few races over the years though. The atmosphere was always top notch.

One of my favourite memories of Look Mum No Hands! doesn’t even involve going inside! It was a Strava challenge launched by two awesome cycling cafés , where if you cycled to both in the one ride, you were rewarded with a limited edition mug! Back in 2014 it was one of the very first posts on tempocyclist.com as well. What a throwback!

Not one to turn down a fancy mug, I got pedalling and knocked that challenge. Leaving from my home at the time in Ascot, Berkshire I chose to cycle into London early to avoid weekend tourist traffic, that did unfortunately mean I got to Look Mum No Hands! before opening hours. Still, I snapped off a few photos of the occasion.

After the photo stop, I continued onto Giro in Esher, the second (and another fantastic) cycling café. In case you’re wondering, cycling home with a big ceramic mug in your rear jersey pocket is not all that comfortable, but it was totally worth it! I still have that mug.

I am sure that Look Mum No Hands! will be sorely missed by the cycling community in and around London. From the posts on their socials, the LMNH! journey may not be completely over just yet. Here’s hoping that something else can rise from the metaphorical ashes of this great cycling café!

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  1. Dave Dove says:

    Sounds and looks like a great place. I hope it is able to continue in some form or other. Cycling over 70 miles to earn a mug is very impressive – although any route that takes you through Richmond Park has got to be worthwhile!


  2. yes, a shame. Never been but knew all about it


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