Blame it on the Rain

Rain. I have very much had enough of it. Maybe I’m getting older, maybe I’m getting softer, but I just don’t enjoy the thought of riding in the pouring rain any more. Light rain, or rain starting once I’m out is fine, but I baulk at leaving for a ride when it’s already lashing down (usually accompanied by strong winds here).

Actually the riding part I don’t mind so much, quality rain gear makes it more enjoyable. It’s the clean-up after that really does me in. Washing the grime from the bike, the road splatter from my kit, trying to dry out soggy shoes before the next ride, not much fun. Thankfully my schedule means I can often fit rides in around the weather (and I also have good indoor cycling options).

Now, some of you folks reading this over in England may be thinking “Oh, you moved out to Australia! You can’t seriously be complaining about rain!” And yeah I get that for sure, but I lived in England for well over a decade and I don’t think we EVER got this much rain, so often, and so much, in a single year. In fact, I just did some Googling.

On average in London it rains 148 days per year, with 615mm (24.2 inches) of rainfall annually.

I’ve checked my local rainfall station (Nugent) and we’ve received  982.8mm (38.6 inches) SO FAR THIS YEAR! And yes, it’s raining again right this minute…

We’ve had some corker days of sunshine for sure, but this year I don’t think we’ve had a single week where it hasn’t rained at least once. Plus there’s been several weeks where it’s rained ALL WEEK. Not just a little rain either. Let’s just say I’m glad I bought a house high on the hillside, but a little annoyed I didn’t think about the end of the drive being a lot lower. Even for a few days after the rain stops, it’s been difficult to get out for a ride from my house due to the flood waters.

I shouldn’t really complain. My house is still standing. There’s no damage. I can ride any other day. Other areas of Australia have been much harder hit, with serious flooding absolutely decimating some communities. I’m merely whinging about not being able to ride my bicycle in the sunshine. Still, I can’t wait until the drought returns…

Anyway. Rant over.

Blame it on the Rain. Anyone else remember Milli Vanilli? 😂

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  1. Agreed. Also, I don’t mind riding home from work in the rain, but riding to work in the rain is less fun. Today it’s snowing, so that’s a different matter…

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    1. Ah yes. I have no-so-fond memories of leaving for work in the dark, pissing down rain, freezing cold, crappy headwind. Arriving at work sopping wet! Then of course having to put on wet shoes and kit at the end of the day…

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  2. crustytuna says:

    It’s the cleanup that kills me. I find some joy in riding in the wet, but that cleanup time. I just.. CAN’T. The satisfaction of cleaning off the mud just doesn’t outweigh the squishy shoes and cold toes enough for me to do it on the regular.

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    1. crustytuna says:

      Also, Milli Vanilli!! hahahah and their lipsynching fiasco!

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  3. Rain here is very rare. Rare enough, I can get away with a rest day for it. The muck and mess remain for a day after though with puddles and small ponds forming because the powers that be are unwilling to pay for trails that drain properly. My route always begins with about five miles along the beach, it is the easiest way to get to the wider roads with bike lanes, there is always an area where rain and storms leave water or slides leave sand, dirt and debris. Another section where king tides can throw rocks and gravel from the ocean across a closed parking lot to a depth of maybe six inches or more. That is quite the salty, gritty mess to traverse. Once inlaid a few miles and climbing the muck is mostly gone.

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