Recovery Weeks

This week is a scheduled recovery week. I’ve been building up the duration and intensity of my training (both indoors and outdoors) over the past few weeks and I am feeling the fatigue.

Historically, I don’t do recovery weeks well. I have a tendency to go all out, all the time, week after week. If it’s worth doing it’s worth over-doing, am I right? Spoiler. I am not right. The trick is to ensure your hard rides are hard, your easy rides remain easy, and that you give yourself enough recovery time.

Most coaches recommend having a rest/recovery week every 4-5 weeks. Build up the intensity (and fatigue) over a period of weeks, then ease back for a week. A recovery week doesn’t mean doing nothing. You just need to really make sure your easy rides remain easy. It’s tempting to revert to riding too hard.

A proper recovery week gives you a chance to recharge your batteries. It’s the only way your body can absorb all those fitness adaptations, allowing you to get fitter and faster!

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  1. When I raced I used to just drop the volume to a half on a recovery week. Still do intensity but half as much

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  2. Recovery weeks are so worthwhile. They stop me from going all out all the time. I feel like I missed my last recovery week as I spent it being ill. Not quite the same somehow 😬

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    1. Definitely not the same! Hope you’re feeling better now. My rest week seems to have coincided with a lot of rain, which has helped keep me from pushing too hard on outdoor rides! 😂

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