After hitting my totally arbitrary and meaningless target of 10,000km for the year back in mid October, fellow bike enthusiast ADude over at “A Dude Abikes” said, why not go for 12k?

I didn’t give it a lot of thought, but I did reset my Strava goal to 12,000km just to see how I’d track towards that target. Today – December 11th – I surpassed that mark too. It’s been a good 2021 on two wheels and definitely the most distance I’ve covered in a calendar year.

Getting over the 12,000km line was aided by a solid 100km ride with The Herd. Well, at least the four of us who braved the weather! The summer temperatures had gone into hiding and there was a heavy downpour overnight. Most of The Herd pulled the pin at the last minute! The four of us had a great ride though, staying dry the entire time (it rained as I was driving home).

I’ll admit, short sleeves were a little optimistic…

Andrew T rocked up in full US POSTAL team kit, so I snapped this photo of him with my bike:

It was a cold and overcast morning, with rain threatening in the distance. A couple of early “Airport Loops” followed by a crack down to Cremorne and back brought up 80km before coffee at Red Square, then a final loop to tick off the hundred was enough for me. It was a tough ride into the wind, but the four of us shared the load and worked together. The distance flew by in a flash.

So that’s it. 12,000km. It’s a lot to many, not much to some. To me? It’s just a number. I’m thankful to have been able to ride as much as I have this year. You never know what’s around the corner so I’m just making the most of it. Not sure how much more I’ll do. Festive 500 perhaps? That’ll depend on commitments and weather. I’ve no need to hit another target.

I’ll just continue to enjoy my time in the saddle.

Oh and a tyre (or tire) update: After putting the 24mm S-WORKS Turbo tyre on the Trek 5200 when the Pirelli blew, I busted the sidewall last week on a sharp, golf ball sized rock (roadworks). I’m back on Pirelli P-Zero tyres now, but in new 24mm version. Funnily enough, the new 24mm tyre measures narrower than the old 23mm version when mounted on my ICAN wheels. Go figure.

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  1. Oops! I guess I did suggest something, since it was only October. That’s impressive, and I’m glad I basically made it happen. Kidding. You make it seem easy, but I suppose you are a young whippersnapper. Do you have this word up there down under?

    This old, slow dude managed 10,729 kilometers last year by riding every day. This year is intentionally and necessarily 1,609 km less. (6,666.66 in 2020 and 5,555.55 in 2021.) Not sure why, and I’d love to give up mileage goals altogether. Haven’t figured out how or really a good reason (except I’m tired!).

    It’s neat that there are different kinds of cyclists as there are varying styles of blogs. The tent is big enough, or at least I think it is. Anyway, thanks for the shout out and maybe enjoy some quality miles, perhaps even days off and tapering. Though since it’s summer, maybe not? Anyway, be safe and healthy and keep the rubber side down, Tas Man!


    1. Haha yep it’s totally your fault! 😅 It’s been a top year. Loads of memorable rides. Maybe I’ll have a rest, starting to feel every one of my 40 years of age…

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      1. Well I just listened the gun, you pulled the trigger… Relatedly! Good on ya. But I feel ya about feeling your age. I’ve got four university degrees on you and started only one and a half of them ago. Be glad you don’t have to worry about carrying extra xxx stone. Enjoy it for the long haul I say!

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        1. Pointed the gun…. and not sure what the second typo even meant And by degrees I mean that a college career x 4. Sorry for any confusion.

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          1. I figured it out in the end. 😅


  2. bgddyjim says:

    I just passed 12,000 km, too. I kept forgetting to convert it from miles! That’s way sexier than 7,500 miles! Nice work, my friend!

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    1. Nice one! Yes kilometres always sounds that bit better than miles, haha!

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  3. Steve Hellaby says:

    Nice one Klem. I’ve always set my new year’s target at what I did the previous year. Consequently it’s crept up and up as I’ve exceeded successive targets. So last year I did 11,500 km which I hit months ago. Shortly after reaching that this year I recalculated and decided that at that rate of progress I should make 14,000 km. Nearly there!

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    1. Great riding this year. Living that retired pro cyclist life, Steve! 😎

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      1. Steve Hellaby says:

        Mind you I’ve decided not to set a huge target for the coming year. I’d like to get more variety in my riding – maybe a bit of gravel and a bit more climbing. I’ve done a lot of flat, junk miles to get the distance done some weeks. There’s more fun to be had than just bashing out the kilometres!

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        1. I hear you. I’ve been guilty in the past of choosing some flat, slightly boring rides just to get to a specific distance quicker. Variety is a far better option!

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