For the love of the group ride

I do a lot of my cycling solo. It’s easy for me as I can simply roll out at whatever time suits and with very little notice. Often I’m very last minute when I ride, keeping an eye on the best “weather window” to get out there! Riding solo, I can set my own pace, go where I please, and stop when I’m done.

Riding in a bunch is great fun though and one of the many fantastic aspects of road cycling. There’s something magical about riding in a paceline, the group eating up the blacktop as it flies along as a single entity. Whether it’s “tongue hanging out” high intensity chain gang turns or just rolling at baseline pace, group riding is a blast.

Riding in a group has it’s own advantages. Obviously there’s the draft benefit. Having a bunch of other riders (or even just one) to share the load with can be a huge help. It’s also a big motivator to keep the pace high if that’s your goal, or to simply solve the world’s problems as the miles tick by. Time in the saddle always flies that little bit quicker when you’re sharing those miles with like minded riders.

Then of course, there’s the mid-ride or post-ride coffee! Café stops with actual cups, rather than take-away paper cups, were sorely missed during COVID times. The coffee and cake tastes that much better when shared with friends after a solid road ride.

So grab some friends, get out there, and ride your bike!

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  1. Sheree says:

    Great advice though I still prefer solo rides

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    I love this post. Makes me want to go ride again … and I just got out of the shower from our morning dirt ride!

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