I don’t have enough time!

There’s never enough time! Where does the time go? I don’t have time to do that! Have you heard that before? Or even SAID that before? There are only 24 hours in a day, you can’t change that. What you CAN change is how you manage each of those hours.

Recently I said (to myself) “Man, I just don’t have enough time!”

So I decided to do something about it! 

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been progressively setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier. I’ve also been leaving the blind open so the sun streams in, often waking me naturally before the alarm (heading into summer here). At first those ten minutes didn’t make much difference, but then it all started to add up…

Now I have an extra hour to play with each day!

I’ve been using that time wisely too. I can fit in activities such as a morning turbo session, a pedal outdoors, tending the veggie patch, feeding the goats, a few odd jobs around the property, or even just a long lazy cooked breakfast with the wife! I also make a point of not checking my phone. It’s actually amazing how much extra you can get done by getting up an hour early and prioritising that time.

The best views come to those who get up early!

I’ve been consistently sticking to this six days per week (I keep my alarm set on Saturday too). Sunday is the one day I let myself wake naturally. I don’t tend to “sleep in” much so that’s still usually before 7am.

My plan is to keep winding that alarm back a little more over the next few weeks and see how I feel. Right now though it’s fantastic!

How do you manage your time?

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  1. The Omil says:

    It’s one of life’s ironies that what you have more of, you tend to value less. Being retired I tend not to manage my time at all. You’ve got me thinking about it, so thank you.

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  2. biking2work says:

    Summer is easily the best for me for making the most of my time. Its always easy to get up and out early when the sun is up on a warm morning on an.extended route to work

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    1. Yes definitely easier in the warm and sunny months! :-)


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