Shedding weight with Titanium

If you’re about to go on a bike weight shedding rampage here’s a place where you might be able to save yourself a slice for a reasonable price.

Rummaging through my box of spares on the weekend I found a set of Token branded titanium quick release skewers (as you do). A while back I bought a set of reasonably lightweight Mavic wheels. You’d think my fairly expensive wheels would be supplied with suitably lightweight QR skewers, but check out the weight difference between the two:

Mavic on the left, Token Ti Skewers on the right. These new babies are 60g lighter than the standard Mavic branded ones. Less than half the weight! Now you may say, “Klem, just have one less mouthful of cake at the cafe!” But to you I retort; Now I can have one MORE mouthful of cake! ;-)

But more to the point, if you are trying to lighten your ride, once the easy stuff has been upgraded the rest of the changes tend to bring weight losses in smaller and smaller increments. It may not seem like much, but saving 60g here and there soon adds up.

Looking online I can find a similar product for around AU $60 (roughly US $45 or GBP £35). If you put that into a “cost per gram of weight savings” ratio, an addition like this works out at pretty good value. Plus there is the added bling factor – and who doesn’t love a little bit of blingy titanium!

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