Travel Mode added to Favero Assioma powermeter pedals

The latest update (Firmware 3.00) from Favero includes a new travel mode for the Assioma Duo and Uno powermeter pedals. There are some other small improvements too such as a unified Bluetooth channel for smart trainers and a fix for “Error 99” calibration.

The travel/ship mode feature has been missing up until now and adds a way to stop your pedals powering on and wasting battery during transit. The pedals “wake up” with very little movement so could easily stay on during a long flight or road trip due to the vibrations.

The feature is easily accessed via the Assioma smartphone app, which also displays individual battery levels, serial numbers and gives access to a handy FAQ page. Once you’ve opened the app, connect to your pedals by tapping the magnifying glass and ensure you have the latest firmware update. You can then navigate through the settings menu to find Travel Mode, then tap Enable. Simple!

This is a great addition BUT in order to take them out of sleep mode you need to plug the pedals into charger! Put your pedals into travel mode and forget to pack the charger and you’re going to be in a whole world of disappointment at the other end. Double and triple check that you haven’t forgotten the Favero¬†proprietary magnetic charger!

It’s not a deal breaker, but another thing to remember. The battery life is so good I wouldn’t even think of taking my charger away with me otherwise. It would be much more convenient to be able to wake the pedals up again via the app, but maybe once they’re “asleep” it’s only possible to awaken them by charging.

That little issue aside, it’s a great update to a very well thought out and accurate power meter pedal. And just as a final reminder (because it’s important) don’t forget that charger when travelling!

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  1. Family Joules says:

    You only need to bring one magnetic pedal coupler to wake from travel mode. Use a standard micro USB charge cable and any usb charger capable port. It would make sense to get a spare to keep with your travel kit, or even in the seat bag.

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    1. Thanks for the tip! Maybe I should buy a spare coupler to keep in my travel kit like you say? I haven’t put them the pedals into travel mode for long car trips, but would for a flight.


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