Cycling and politics – never the two shall meet!

I was tapping out the blog post below, when I scrolled through my subscribe feed and saw that Big Jim had also covered the subject. Oh well, like minds I guess!


The club ride is a sacred place. One where you get on your bike and simply ride. You leave the world behind. Leave your workplace troubles, your everyday stresses, anything that may be negatively affecting your mental health. Ride. Be free. You absolutely leave your religious views, and most definitely your political views at home! Politics should stays out of the saddle.

ROOOOAAR! I’m turning you into COAL, mister dinosaur!

My social media feed is where I get my online cycling fix. I only follow cycling related accounts, but recently my feed has been filled with nothing more than BREXIT views, GRETA opinions and TRUMP rants. What gives? It’s got to the point now where I’ve actually stopped scrolling through Twitter! Oh well, more time to do something constructive.

Ride away from the stresses of modern life.

I make it a point to NEVER mix my cycling with politics (or religion for that matter). No matter what your views – for or against any political topic – you push it to the back of your head and forget about it for the length of the ride. Chat the weather, your training, your kids, the latest groupset drop from SRAM, whatever. Just leave your politics at home.

Are my Roval wheels carbon neutral?

Even at the post ride cafe stop – or maybe ESPECIALLY at the post ride cafe stop – I don’t want to be subject to your political tirade.

Whether you swing far left or far right I just couldn’t care less. I just want to inhale cycling and chat the breeze. Like burning coal for fun? Keep quiet. Hug trees on your day off? Yeah, shush. Vegan? Definitely keep that one to yourself… ;-)

When it comes to cycling, let your legs to the talking!

PS: Jim, time to ditch the Venge and buy a Trek Madone SLR! Haha!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Amen, brother. As for the Madone, it is an awesome machine. For now ths Venge will do. It’s just a bike. The kids need braces, anyway. 😎

    Too cool, brother.

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    1. And a perfect smile is priceless! 👍

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  2. davedove says:

    It’s hard to avoid Brexit here in the UK. I usually ride alone and sometimes find myself thinking about Brexit! Have to give myself a good talking to.

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  3. sevencyclist says:

    I am in total agreement. When I’m riding, I don’t want to hear politics, or anything that sounds like it is work-related. I live in Silicon Valley (north of San Jose), and if I hear talks of mergers, stock options, networks, etc … I immediately ride ahead, or stay behind.

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