Simple pleasures

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”
– John F. Kennedy

It’s not always about going fast, going hard or going training – sometimes it’s just about going. This morning I jumped on the bike and simply soft pedalled around the Hobart waterfront. All casual in my t-shirt, jeans, trainers (and helmet because it’s the law). A bit of sight seeing, takeaway coffee on the wharf, quick Instagram snap and back to the office. Lovely.

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  1. good lad. its not all about head down, bum up riding

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    1. Absolutely. You have more time to take in the sights at 12mph! :-)

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      1. i would be more than happy if I could keep up an average of 12mph. heehee. still I keep on cycling

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        1. As long as the pedals are still turning, it’s all good! :-)

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  2. thecheekycyclist says:

    Fantastic escape from the office! Great day!

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    1. Nailed it. Cycling is my escape.

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  3. dabbsride says:

    Great post, I often contemplate getting my commuter out of the shed and riding down to the shops/library. I’ll have to do it!

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  4. iamiain says:

    I need to do more of this, good effort. I have started cycling to the shop every now and again on my old hybrid, just to mix it up

    I wish cycling helmets were law here, I’m firmly on the side of safety


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