Opening 2017 TdF Time Trial

I love a good time trial. I think it’s a great way to open a Grand Tour and put a few time gaps into the top of the field. Sure it can be a little boring to watch but I love the tech and checking out the aero – or not – riding positions of the field.

Great to see big G in yellow after the opening stage! He wouldn’t have been my pick if I were laying down some money, but a worthy stage winner. My money would have been on the German TT powerhouse that is Tony Martin (he still came in a respectable 4th at 8 second back). Froome dog looking strong too. It’s a long three weeks until the end of the Tour, but he’s looking like he can repeat past victories and claim another Yellow in Paris. Check out his TT position, jet plane aero. Team Sky are looking STRONG!

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2015 Aussie TT Champ Richie Porte was further back than I was expecting, although being a super wet day the top GC guys probably weren’t taking many chances. I hope he has a cracking Tour. My opinion is he CAN win the TdF, but I’m not sure he has the team strength behind him to unseat Sky. With only one Stage down there’s still over 3500km of racing to go and hopefully a good mix-up of GC racing!

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  1. Couldn’t be more pleased for Geraint Thomas – if anyone deserved an individual win it was him.
    I agree that TdF Time Trials may not make the very best TV but I really like them in the flesh. London Prologue 2007, Annecy 2009 and Sallanches/Megeve last year were hours of good entertainment.

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  2. Anthony says:

    I am expecting Richie Porte to be a strong GC contender this time out.


    1. I hope so too. I think he’ll have a tough time against Froome and Team Sky though, they’ll be clinical and will no doubt have an “anti-Porte” plan!

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  3. stuwj_velo says:

    Nobody saw G coming, not even the host broadcaster who filmed none of G’s ride apart from one second at the end when he crossed the line and posted the fastest time.

    The effect of yesterday’s weather (Valverde) and the nature of the route means it could be the most interesting Tour in years.

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  4. chrisbateman7 says:

    Sounds like you enjoy watching TT’s for the same reason as me. I love watching out for all the new tech and anything different that I could try myself!

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