Wheel Balancing for Road Bikes?

I saw this video over on Shane Miller’s YouTube page. I’d mulled over the idea of balancing road bike wheels a few times in the past, but never taken it any further than the odd thought. You balance your car and motorbike wheels, so why not your very expensive road bike wheels? Check this out:

As it turns out, balancing your road bike wheels actually does make a difference and is another one of those marginal gains for the OCD cyclists out there. This weekend I’m going to check out my deep section wheels and see just how out of balance they are!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    That’s a brilliant idea! I’ll bet my lightweight aluminum clinchers are even farther out!


    1. Cool huh? I love a bit of bike mechanical fettling in the name of marginal gains, so that’s my weekend sorted!

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  2. heavyman927 says:

    Darn you! Now I have to check all my wheels….. :)

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  3. biggs682 says:

    oh dear i think that is a stage too far for me

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  4. alexmwilkins says:

    You’ve just created a whole new market segment. 😂


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