A couple of broken, ugly bikes?

So in recent cycling related news, Specialized find out that creating the “world’s fastest bike” is no good if your flagship aero frame doesn’t stay in one piece. Stop sale notice issued on the Venge ViAS super-bike:


p865536742-5That’s a photo from “SMP123” who posted it on the Road Bike Review forum. Check out the total separation of the seatstay from the seat tube! Not what you want from your expensive new frame. He gave this description of the incident:

“I pulled away from some traffic lights and I came to a sudden stop, at first I thought it was the rear wheel but then noticed the whole rear triangle on the right side failed! I’m glad I was at a standstill and not in a sprint!”

And then Cervelo released their April Fool’s Day joke:


Oh wait, they’re serious?!?! What… The… Actual… I’m sure the triathlon market will eat this thing up but damn that’s one pig of a bike. Disc brakes as well? Errrr. Sure they’re pushing the boundaries of innovation and all but come one. Oh well. I’m sure it’s fast. It’s in no way UCI compliant so don’t expect to see it in any World Tour time trials just yet, but those rules are under review. At least there’s plenty of room to tuck your hidden motor in there… ;-)

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Buddy of mine saw that happen to a ViAS in a race. Luckily no crash. Ouch.


    1. Pretty scary stuff! Imagine if you were in full tilt 30+mph sprint mode and this happened!

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        That guy was. Yep, spooky.


  2. biggs682 says:

    And it cant be welded back together


    1. Bit of gaffa tape and a couple of cable ties should do it!


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