Thank you 2022, you’ve been a grand year!

And just like that, another year draws to a close. Every year seems to go by faster and faster. I hope you all had some fantastic two wheeled adventures and used your limited time on this Earth wisely. Apart from a little health issue, I’ve had a great year both on and off the bike….

2022 Resolution Ride #12 – Solo spin plus my first puncture on tubeless

Sunday is usually the SunDaze bunch ride, but this week it was to be solo as the usual SunDaze riders were off having a Christmas brunch ride in Hobart. Just little old me venturing out early on a cloudy, but otherwise warm and still Sunday morning. At the last minute I decided to wheel the time trial bike out. I’m trying to ride it at least once a week to stay in tune with the position.

Velo 7173: Back on Daylight Savings time!

After a long hiatus over the winter months, the #Velo7171 Wednesday Evening Ride is back! This week Adam and I kicked it off with the first of the season – making the most of the added evening sunshine brought on by the start of daylight savings time. Sneaking out the door a tad early, I…

July Wrap Up: Making it through midwinter

July. The middle month of winter for us in the deep South. July has been a “lower volume, higher intensity” month and combined with feeling a little under the weather these last few days, my overall distance has suffered. That’s fine though, it is the depths of winter after all. Luckily I managed to get…

A couple of broken, ugly bikes?

So in recent cycling related news, Specialized find out that creating the “world’s fastest bike” is no good if your flagship aero frame doesn’t stay in one piece. Stop sale notice issued on the Venge ViAS super-bike: That’s a photo from “SMP123” who posted it on the Road Bike Review forum. Check out the total separation…