Reunited with my TT bike!

After three months at sea packed up lovingly in a cardboard box inside a shipping container, my Planet X Stealth time trial bike has finally arrived safe and sound to me in Tasmania! Oh how I’ve been waiting! I put it back together last night, adjusted everything millimetre perfect and then spent an unhealthy amount of time admiring all that beautiful carbon fibre.


I took it for it’s inaugural Australian spin earlier today. It was great to finally get back down into that TT tuck and purr along the blacktop upon that carbon frame and 60mm deep carbon wheels! I even searched out a few flat roads around Hobart Airport to get those wheels humming.

The legs could do with some work after too much time off, but the smile factor of the ride was certainly off the chart. #happydays

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  1. thefalseflat says:

    Beautiful bike! I’ve just upgraded to my first carbon road bike, a Planet X RT-80. Such a great brand. It arrived today. At the moment I am mostly staring at the glossy finish in admiration :)

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    1. Good stuff! I was very impressed with Planet X when I ordered the TT bike (a few years back now). Had a couple of phone calls from them to confirm my spec, got some money off for not wanting the stock wheelset and it was delivered in 10 days from clicking order. Enjoy your new ride and ride it hard!

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