Ride Fuel: Vegan Banana Flapjack

Always on the lookout for new energy food to take on my rides, I stumbled across this great recipe on the Vimeo channel of Sarah Kim Bonner (she also has a blog).

I’m not a vegan, but this flapjack recipe appealed to me due to it’s ease of making and my love of bananas! Great taste and simplicity are what I love in the kitchen and this recipe delivered on both counts.

I modified mine slightly by mashing two bananas and adding half a cup of seed/nut mix with half a cup of dried fruit. It sweetens up the bars a little. I would have preferred just cranberries but I only had that pre-mixed dried fruit packet in the house.

VEGAN_01All the ingredients. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Also I shaped my mixture into bars for ease of wrapping and eating on the bike. You could do a tray and cut them up afterwards or of course Sarah’s cookies. My bars took longer to cook than the video states, possibly because they were thicker and also I think my oven wasn’t quite hot enough.


I’m still a big fan of my Lazy Cyclist’s Flapjack, although these are very good! They can be frozen for later and are easy to eat on the move. Whats more they are healthier and more nutritious as there’s no butter, syrup or condensed milk. Enjoy! #ridefuel 

EDIT: On a totally unrelated note, this is my  50th blog post! :-)

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  1. The Deluded Cyclist says:

    They look nice, I’ll give them a go.
    Congratulations on your 50th post!

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