Yearning for the summer bike

Due to illness and generally feeling sorry for myself, my plan to get out and test my limits on the time trial bike this weekend didn’t materialise. I even had a perfect loop planned down on the south coast. Instead I did a little bike fettling in the garage to pass the time. My TT bike hasn’t seen the road since late last year (although plenty of turbo training indoors) and I really, really miss riding it.

PLANETX_003Slippery aero front end. Need to tidy up those messy cables!

Just looking at this weapon makes me want to jump on and stomp the pedals. I can’t help it, I just love riding! It also helps that my Planet X Stealth is faster, lighter and more comfortable than my alloy-framed road bike. Win, win, win!



Clear skies, dry roads and much milder temperatures (if a little breezy) would have made splendid cycling conditions for the first time this year. It’s all good though for as an older, wiser cyclist once said to me on a ride – there’s always another day!

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  1. louvic says:

    I made it out at the weekend and today (perils of working from home) and suffice to say it was so nice not to have to wear so many layers, not to have frozen ears, numb fingers and toes, a runny nose, red skin….hope you get back on your bike soon!

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  2. What a sexy bike!……… When it comes to thinking about me buying it (considering my present financial conditions) I think I will just back your’s..that there is always another day :D

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    1. Thanks. Even though it’s “cheap” compared to most time trial and triathlon bikes, it took me a lot of saving to be able to afford it!

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