Have you set 2022 cycling goals yet?

We all need something to work towards. As athletes we strive to continually improve on our previous performances and tackle bigger challenges. It’s simply in our nature. As we edge day by day into 2022, have you set yourself some lofty cycling-related goals for this year?

I haven’t given much thought to big 2022 goals yet. It’s only day five. Plenty of time, right? Most years I’ll aim to ride further than the previous one. Last year was such a ripper and a new personal best for me, so I don’t think it’s going to be feasible. On Strava I’ll set my yearly goal to 10,000km and see how things go.

I’ll keep on hitting the regular metric centuries. The monthly Resolution Rides are a great way to maintain motivation and get me out the door during the colder months.

One thing that’s been lacking is climbing. There’s usually a fair bit of overall elevation gain spread across my rides, but they tend to lack those longer, sustained climbs. Honestly I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to climbs in and around Hobart, so it shouldn’t be so. There are many choices that range from a 10 minute effort to longer climbs lasting over an hour. I really should conquer another ascent of the 10-mile HC rated Mount Wellington at some stage too!

So back to you… Do you have one BIG goal for this year? Perhaps a target event or race? Or do you plan to knock off a number of smaller goals spread throughout the year?

Got some advice for me before I get stuck in? Let me know below!

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  1. The Omil says:

    You have me wondering about the Resolution Ride challenge, even though the year is more about triathlons and the ultra marathon. Have you considered Mt Wellington (or elsewhere) for an Everest?

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    1. Hats off to anyone to Everests, but it’s not my thing. Riding up and down and up and down one road for 15+ hours? 😩 Mount Wellington is great going up, but the descent is awful (narrow, poor surface, steep blind corners, tourist cars on the wrong side of the road). Maybe I’ll plan one long ride that racks up an Everest worth of elevation instead? Take in a number of climbs. That would still be incredibly tough, and be more interesting. Thanks for the comment!


  2. kirkmtb says:

    I’m setting myself 3 very different challenges. A big ride with lots of climbing, a circuit to gain the KOM in under 14 minutes and a downhill sprint with a target of 53 seconds or less on Strava. The big ride is hanging over from 2021 when I didn’t get the opportunity.

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    1. Sounds like some solid goals! I haven’t been out on the mountain bike for way too long now. I really need to change that.


  3. soopermunchkin says:

    My goal is to not set too many goals 😂😂 last year I was way too optimistic, this year I’m trying to hold back. Cycling three times per week at least, no specific distance. Build some consistency. Well done on your 2021 achievements, you’re an inspiration to me. Looking forward to following your progress in 22. 💪💪💪

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    1. I’m no inspiration, just a regular guy who likes riding bikes and managed to link that to my career. Enjoy your cycling! 😀

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  4. No major goals, but I have kicked off 2022 with RED January (Ride Every Day). On day 7 I’m still doing OK and the motivation is still there… I’ll let you know what it’s like on day 31 🤣

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    1. That’s always a good way to kick start the year! 👍

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