2021 Resolution Ride #07 – Late entry

This one almost got away from me! I’ve been a bit slack with the longer endurance rides this month, mainly because I’m just a little bit over the cold, damp mornings. Almost all of my metric century rides previously have been done and dusted well before lunch, but for July I didn’t leave the house until after 11am. Talk about a lazy start.

Being dry and relatively mild (10 deg C) it was a day for the Aeroad. I haven’t ridden it much this winter so it was great to be back on board the speed machine for a longer ride. The original plan was for a steady 50-60km to check the legs, but to carry enough food and water to get me through 100km in case I felt good.

Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting started. Turns out once I was out there spinning the legs in the winter sunshine, everything was right with the world and the distance soon ticked over. I was thankful that I could freely get out and ride, as large sections of Australia’s population have been subject to yet another COVID lockdown keeping them inside. Tasmania has been very lucky so far.

All in all it was an uneventful “low intensity” ride, great to be out but nothing much to write about. Simply knocking out the miles without ever going into the red or tackling any major climbs. A very “British” winter base mile ride! I only stopped for around five minutes half way to stretch my legs and remove a few layers. This would have been the ideal time to snap a photo or two, but I forgot. Sorry! I’ll do better next month I promise…

Distance: 105.7 km / 65.7 miles
Total elevation gain: 906 m / 2975 feet
Average speed: 29.5 kph / 18.3 mph

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