Make hay while you’re allowed to make hay!

I was supposed to be in Brisbane this week. I had time off work and flights to Queensland booked to visit friends and family. Of course all that had to be binned due to you-know-what, but never mind. There’ll be another time.

Instead I decided to still take the time away from the office and just chill. It’s actually very refreshing to have time off and not have to go anywhere or do anything!

We’re still allowed to cycle outside in Australia – there are no official restrictions on time or distance or number of rides (although all mountain bike trails are closed). I’m not going to take the piss though, I’ve been keeping my rides under two hours and creating loops close to home – no driving involved either. In fact all of my rides so far have stayed within my postcode. I’m making hay while I’m still allowed to make hay, so to speak.

A ride out to the beach in the warm Tassie sunshine!

Over the Easter long weekend the police blitzed the roads, issuing fines of over $1600 for any non-essential travel or breach of social distancing laws. The roads did seem a little quieter, but there were WAY more people out walking their dogs, jogging or cycling. That can only be a good thing (as long as they keep their distance). 

I’m absolutely making the most being outside on two wheels while I am still allowed to cycle freely! I know it’s a privilege, one I shouldn’t take for granted. I’ve also got to bank some warm, sunny miles before the weather starts to slide into another cold Tassie winter.

Chilling in the garden at home with nowhere to be. Bliss!

So if you’re still allowed, get outside and ride your bike! Your fitness, immune health and mental health will thank you for it. And if you’re not allowed out, I hope you’re doing something to keep from going stir crazy. I feel for you. Hopefully you’ll come out the other side shortly.

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane!

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  1. In the Netherlands we are also still allowed to cycle. Njoy the freedom. #staysafe.

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