Are you addicted to coffee?

Coffee and road cycling seem extrinsically linked. As roadies we often stop for coffee mid-ride or afterwards to debrief and chat about all things cycling, putting the world to rights. Kicking back in the sunshine after a long ride with friends? That’ll be a muesli slice and a double-shot skinny cap, please!

Cruising towards the cafe!

Post-ride debrief.

Some mornings I get to work a little early and walk to my favourite cafe (Family & Friends, Battery Point). Jin knows my order. We have a chat while she makes my brew, then I take a stroll in the fresh morning air to clear my head before I start the workday. The coffee itself is inconsequential, just part of the routine that sets me up for the day ahead.

In both those situations I don’t really know why I order the coffee. Sometimes I’m not even sure I like the taste of coffee! Maybe it’s simply the ritual of having a coffee and unwinding? I very rarely have a cup to keep me awake or alert. It’s just a drink I have. A lazy Sunday morning breakfast at home? It’s got to be accompanied by a coffee.

Just another day at the office…

I don’t feel “addicted” to coffee as such, but I do sometimes crave that morning cup if I don’t have one. I usually have 1 to 2 cups per day, made in the workplace espresso machine or from one of many local cafes. On second thoughts maybe that IS slight addiction!

I wonder if I’d have any withdrawals if I skipped my caffeine intake for a couple of days? I wonder if I could go a week without coffee? A whole month perhaps? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

How long could you go without coffee?

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  1. kieronramsay says:

    I see coffee as an additive to life that isn’t totally necessary, but it is one I welcome with open arms every morning. When you consider what an addiction actually is I feel like it you could easily become addicted to anything that has the power to enhance your energy or your mood. I also think it’s a healthy approach to live without it and make sure you still have the power to find a means without it (which to me means you know you are truly free). As long as you accept the reason you are having it and are mindful of how you feel, I say I’ll have a flat white with oat milk please

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  2. Sheree says:

    I really enjoy coffee (Americano or espresso) but have successfully given it up a couple of times. Once for four years and another for two, the first few days are always the worst.

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    1. Four years?!?! Wow!

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  3. Not addicted but like it a lot. Brew my own in the office rather than vending machine crap and cheaper than the Costa onsite


    1. I’ve gotten better at brewing my own (it’s drinkable now) so buy take-away coffee a lot less now. That expense can soon add up if you grab one or two from the cafe every day!


  4. kirkmtb says:

    I owned a coffee shop for nearly 20 years so I’ve tried to see just how much you can drink and the effect. I felt sick after 4 or 5 cups. I’ve given it up on badly planned camping trips and found I don’t crave it or get headaches, which people say you do.
    Caffeine has a glycogen sparing effect it so gives you more time before you “hit the wall” during exercise like cycling. The UCI have a blood caffeine limit to stop you cheating!
    Mountain biking has more of a link with beer. Suits me better!

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    1. I’ve used caffeine gels before towards the end of a long ride or before a race, but not sure if it’s the sugar hit or placebo effect rather than the caffeine. I might try to go caffeine-free for a while, just not tomorrow… 😂

      I like mtb’ers as they go for burgers over cake too!!

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