Making time for recovery

Proper recovery is important. After all, you don’t get stronger when you’re riding hard, you get stronger by recovering properly from riding hard! This week I’m taking it a little easier. I’ve been averaging around 240km/week of mostly hard rides over the past couple of months, so it’s time to dial it back and let the recovery process kick in. That may not be a lot for some, but with a full time job and the farm workload thrown in it’s enough for me.

A bit of upper body training to combat my weak road cyclist arms! ;-)

I see other people’s mileage on Strava and it makes me want to keep banging out the miles (pro tip: stop checking the app during recovery periods). I’m not good at true recovery rides either, I always end up pushing too hard, usually due to chasing another rider or hammering up an incline. I can’t help it. I can manage it on the turbo, but that’s pretty boring.

Instead I’ve been doing a bit of walking to keep the blood flowing during my recovery days. It’s quite refreshing actually. If you spend too much of your time at eye watering, leg destroying pace you never get to soak in views like this…

Another stunning winter morning in Hobart!

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  1. Steve Hellaby says:

    I have log envy!

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