A fool and his money

Those who know me will attest to me lusting over an Argon 18 Nitrogen since I first saw one at Bike Swanky. Such an classic looking frameset. Stiff, light, aero. It’s so me, got my name written all over it, totally need to own one. Dream machine. So when this email dropped into my inbox today I was eyes wide open, credit card in hand, ready to part with the dollars!

Oh baby just take my damn money now!

A whopping 43% off the Nitrogen frameset and a similar discount off the lighter Nitrogen Pro frameset down to $2999! Ooooh baby what a bargain! May as well hand me a pro cycling contract while you’re at it!

The top spec Nitrogen Pro framset $4999 now “only” $2999 anyone?

Then I took a moment to step back and think. What on earth am I doing? Am I really such a sucker for slick advertising and promotions? This is part of what I do for a job, I should know better! This is blatant first world consumerism and frivolous spending down to a tee.

How much better would this even be than my trusty Planet X frameset? It’s certainly not going to transform my sprint into a Cavendish beater, or give me Tony Martin solo breakaway powers (as much as I’d like to think so). Sure it may be lighter and ever so slightly more aero, but nothing that can’t be made up for with a bit more grit and pedalling harder.

When I’m riding this weapon, there are no complaints!

What am I doing? I bloody LOVE riding my Planet X Stealth! The Nitrogen even at 43% off retail is still $1699 which is a LOT of very nice romantic dinners. A holiday. A home improvement. A multitude of other things besides yet another selfish bike related purchase. I am blessed enough to already own a brace of very capable bikes. There’s no need for me to spend any more.

So I didn’t add it to my basket. Not today. No sir. I also deleted that email. Tried hard to forget that sweet sexy frameset calling my name. I put away the credit card. That’s right folks. I put it away.

But not before buying my wife a nice little gift instead.

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  1. The Omil says:

    Good man.
    Sadly, at present, it’s only necessary to finish to be a Cavendish beater.

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    1. bgddyjim says:

      Too sad, that too. Who puts a freaking bollard in the middle of a road, anyway?!


    2. That was a chilling crash, three in a month for poor Cav. Tough as nails.


  2. bgddyjim says:

    Nicely done brother. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

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  3. Anthony says:

    I admire your restraint.

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  4. anarki says:

    You only live once my friend.


    1. Very true. If I didn’t already have insanely good bikes I would have pulled the trigger for sure, but you have to draw the line somewhere! ;-)

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      1. anarki says:

        I think your post resonates more with me, because I had a similar decision to make and I decided to go for it!!

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  5. Just buy the damn bike ;-)

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