Should I buy a mountain bike?

You know N+1 and all that… So should this all-out roadie get a MTB?

I owned a (very, very) budget mountain bike in the past. I rode it a little off road until it got stolen when I loaned it to a friend (it was secured in a town centre with a lock worth more than the bike). There are hundreds of kilometres of “totally sick” trails around Hobart and surrounds. According to many cyclists around here it’s a mountain biker’s paradise! Of course if I took up MTB’ing I’d have to start using words like “rad” and “shred” and start drinking Mountain Dew… ;-)

xtrek-slash-9-9-5Thrash that totally gnarly trail, bro… (image credit: MBR)

Actually I wouldn’t even know where to start! Not a true MTB, but I kinda like this quirky looking inbred ride from Cannondale:

mg_7623Cannondale Slate Force CX1 – Cycling Tips

So should I buy a mountain bike? Or do I need a swift slap back to my senses? And if I should get one, what should I get? 26? 29? Hardtail? Full sus? Rigid? Single ring? Discs?

Or maybe I’ll just buy a new carbon road bike…… lol

argon-18-nitrogen-pro-2016-aero-road-bike-1Ahhhhhh, that’s better… Argon 18 Nitrogen Dura Ace Di2

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  1. I’d be looking at a new carbon road bike. I can not use words like ‘rad’

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  2. you missed out a fat bike. great for riding on sand etc – not that I have one but you never know


    1. Hmmmm. Well I do live across the road from the beach! You could be onto something!

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  3. biking2work says:

    I got a 29er at the end of last summer to be 2+1 so that I could still commute when the CX is being fixed. It has given my riding variety and I have a friend who has introduced me to to off road and local bridal trails. Do it and get one. BTW, I am nearly 50 and stopped using words like “rad” & “gnarly” at “choice” & “ace”.

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  4. bgddyjim says:

    Two years ago, I’d have recommended the Argon 18. Without a doubt. Over the last two, though, I’ve grown to love my mountain bikes. They’re nothing special, together they cost about what I’ve got into my rain road bike, but I spend a lot of time on them in the off season and they’re a LOT of fun. It’s a different kind of cycling.

    If it was me, I’d get the same bike I’ve got, a hardtail 24 spreed, mid-grade components, upgraded shock, and upgraded hydraulic disc brakes. Mine was $700 US – and “rad” or “shred” has never, thankfully, left my lips


    1. I’ll have to do some internet research now and see what’s about! Thanks!

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        You bet, brother. It isn’t road cycling, but playing in the dirt in the off season is definitely a good time.


  5. heavyman927 says:

    Get one for sure! And if I were you I’d get that gravel bike you posted too. It’s funny but when I ride my road bike I think, “This is my favorite bike and type of riding!” that is, until I ride my mountain bike or gravel bike and think the same thing. You are the motor. Now, go and drop that motor into another chassis and put the hammer down!

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    1. So what you’re saying is that I should get ALL THE BIKES! :-)

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  6. biggs682 says:

    Depends how much use it will get


  7. bonnev659 says:

    Argon 18 makes a great bike but how often a


  8. bonnev659 says:

    You will be using it


    1. Not sure. Need to research where the MTB trails are. That Argon though I’d ride the hell out of!!!!!!!


  9. bikegoddess says:

    Yes! A thousand times YES! You won’t regret it. I suggest a some test riding and researching. Moutain bikes are amazing and no holds barred fun times. Have fun and I can’t wait to see this story develop.


  10. pedalvision says:

    If I were you I’d go with the Mountain bike. I have a 27.5″ full suspension bike that I would definitely recommend, but there are some good 29″ hardtails as well.The Argon 18 is a nice bike, but it probably isn’t that much better than what you are riding now.

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    1. Oh I’m sure the Argon 18 is waaaaay nicer than my current road bike! But maybe I need to branch out and learn some new skills on the trails.


  11. Quan says:

    Go get yourself a MTB! Have fun… and, yes, shred. It’ll make you a better roadie if you can corner bumpy terrain quickly or learn how to take a nice drop. :-D Enjoy!

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  12. Sam May says:

    “26? 29? Hardtail? Full sus? Rigid? Single ring? Discs?” <<< Most of this means nothing to me in all honesty although some I do know like discs (most definitely – I want discs on my next road bike), single ring I think I get, full sus I'm guessing is full suspension….but anyway what I'm saying is I don't fully understand bike lingo and yes, you should get a mountain bike! Makes it tougher if you do go on the road and when you're off road, it seems to work a whole different load of muscles so do it. Go get yourself a nice shiny MTB, but leave the silly words like gnarly and rad to Keanu Reeves, he's the only person that can pull those words off over the age of 18 ;-)

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  13. Jared Lesso says:

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