Exploring the Tassie tarmac

IMG_1627I’ve been cycling around my little area of Tasmania for a couple of weeks now and really enjoying it. It makes a change from the well trodden UK commute or my usual weekend loops.

The roads are much quieter here than in Surrey or Berkshire. I guess when the entire island has around half the population of Surrey it’s going to be quieter. The blacktop is in much better condition that I was expecting too. The lower traffic count helps as well as the lack of freezing winter damage that many pothole-strewn UK roads suffer from. In fact pothole avoidance has now been replaced by roadkill avoidance!

image1The KOMs come easier with a bit of motorised doping..

There’s some great climbs around here too. I’ve got a couple of good training ascents close by that I’m using to improve my climbing, something I need after being an average speed junkie for so long. I’ve taken average speed off my Garmin screen to get it out of my head and focus on enjoying the hills for a change.

There is of course the 10 mile long HC climb of Mount Wellington on the Hobart side of the bridge, but as there was snow on the top last week I may have to wait until after winter to attack that one.


I’m yet to find a weekend group ride in the local area, but I have a couple of leads on one that leaves from a point not far from here. I am also missing all those wonderful little cycling cafes dotted around the Surrey Hills back in England.

For all my Northern Hemisphere people out there, I hope you’re enjoying the start of your summer! #keepcycling

image2 (2)Quality post-ride recovery overlooking the bay!

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  1. scottworlduk says:

    Jeeeze .. Meatloaf has lost quite a bit of weight !!!

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  2. here’s to finding that weekend group!

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