Plug in your PowerTap!

Just a quickie for any PowerTap users out there. A new firmware update was recently released for all P1 pedals, C1 chainring and G3/GS hub power meters.


According to PowerTap this is new firmware update aims to “simplify across the entire power portfolio” the way offset and calibration is measured. Now all units will share the same starting point of zero (instead of 520-something for hubs) with a range of +/- 30 being acceptable.

Also when calibration falls outside of the +/- 30 point normal range your head unit will display “Failed” on the screen. This is PowerTap’s new way of gently telling you to get the unit serviced and professionally re-calibrated.

Updates to PowerTap Offset Values

I’m yet to install the new firmware. I might wait until I need to replace the battery and do both jobs at once. It doesn’t strike me as an important update so I’ll report back once I’ve installed and tested it.

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