Roll on warmer weather

IMG_1302So it’s been a little quiet on my blog for a few weeks now. I’ve had good reasons though as I’ve been very busy organising something massive that I will let you know about in my next post. In the meantime I have still been clocking up the miles, I’m knocking on the door of 3000 so far this year. There have even been a few “short sleeve” rides too as we head steadily towards summer!

Hopefully you are all out there building up your mileage. I’ve been hitting a few PB’s lately so my year of not “training” and just riding my bike (lots) seems to be working out well. I’m heading down to the south coast to visit my parents soon so it will be good to cover some miles over new ground for a change.

image1 (3)

In non-cycling news, today I ventured into London, my last trip into the great city for quite some time. I took a long walk along the Thames, soaking up the sights and eating at the multi-cultural street markets along the South Bank. It really is a city with something for everyone.

Live life, cycle hard, be happy.

Oh and a big shout to Elz who is riding Dunkerque-Roubaix this weekend!

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