New job & cycle commute

A couple of days after getting back from my Slovenia and Italy trip (which was awesome I might add) I started my new job. I’ve been on the job just over two weeks now and I’m in the swing of it and enjoying the new environment. There was plenty to learn over the first few days and I made a few rookie mistakes, it’s a big change from my previous job!


The cycle commute hasn’t been quite as tough as I had feared. I’m not pushing hard on the ride in – just keeping the watts low – as I’m on my feet all day at work. I rode three days in the first week, four days last week and next week it’ll be the full five days on the bike. Ask me again about the commute in the dark and grimy depths of the British winter and I may be singing a different tune, but so far so good.

Photogram-20150903124842It’s pretty great at the moment; I get up in the morning, ride my bike for an hour to work, check out loads of cycling gear throughout the day while chatting bikes and keeping tabs on the Vuelta a Espana, then get on my bike and ride home! The hours are long, but the time seems to pass quickly compared to my last job, this is hugely down to working with a great bunch of people.

Got the Woking CC Sunday cafe ride tomorrow, it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to go on one so it’ll be a refreshing change! #keepcycling


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  1. Sam May says:

    Fab news, glad you’re enjoying the new job. I’m just 3 days into a new job too, sadly for me it’s too far to ride into work (35 miles)….it’d take me longer to get there than time I’m there hehehe. Just got to try to find the time to get out after work now.
    Sam x

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  2. Stephen says:

    Congrats on the new gig!


    1. Thanks. It was time for a change! :-)


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