One Year TT Record: Steve Abraham knocked off his bike!

After riding a mammoth 16,000+ miles so far this year chasing the one year time trial record, Steve Abraham has been knocked off his bike by an inattentive moped rider. Earlier today there were reports that he had been in an “incident” and the bad news was confirmed this afternoon. This statement was taken from his Twitter feed:

“Sad to announce that 8:10am Steve was ridden into by a moped. Steve tried to carry on but stopped in Wellington. He was collected by one of the team and taken to hospital.

He has 2 broken bones in his ankle and is currently in plaster. It is looking highly likely that he will require an operation to have a plate and screws.”


We all know Steve is one tough cookie, it takes a certain kind of madman to chase a record as crazy as the year. The current record is 75,065 miles set by Tommy Godwin in 1939, that’s an average north of 200 miles every single day. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and that this won’t be the end of his record attempt.

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  1. loneriderc1 says:

    Gutted for him.


  2. Stephen says:

    That really is a shame. I can’t even imagine how disappointed he must feel.


    1. loneriderc1 says:

      He will be gutted. But, he was well on target and may have the determination to pick it back up?


      1. Hopefully. He’s well on target so missing a week may be doable if he can claw back those lost miles during the long days of summer. I guess we just have to await further updates. Can’t imagine how he much be feeling right now.


        1. Just read that he’s roughly 2000 miles “ahead” of Tommy Godwin’s pace, so I guess it’s still on the cards if he can recover quickly enough!


        2. loneriderc1 says:

          He will miss more than a week, he has 2 broken bones in his ankle :(


          1. It’s a shocker… :-/ Been keeping an eye on his Twitter feed for updates. He’s had some successful surgery but no news on the game plan yet.


          2. Update from Twitter: Steve will be riding, one-legged, a recumbent trike on a closed circuit. He is hoping to limit his losses while his broken ankle heals.


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