Strava – Is it Art?

The answer of course is a resounding YES!

Strava art is a movement that has been gaining ground recently. It involves using the GPS trace during your ride to “sketch” out pictures or words on the roads. The file is then uploaded to Strava where the “artwork” is displayed.

strava-giraffe-flippedStephen Lund has a blog called SKETCHBOOK OF A STRAVA ARTIST featuring his own Strava artworks and how he creates them.

They are nothing short of sublime and I bow down to his creativity, patience and epic Strava artistry. I was most impressed by this rendition of a giraffe! It took around 60 miles of cycling and I’m sure many, many more hours of planning to create this masterpiece. He’s like the Banksy of the digital world!

Over on his blog he also has a post about how he plans out these pieces. It’s an aspect of Strava artistry I’ve often wondered about and has got to be the hardest part. It must take quite the imagination to look at a road map and see such fantastic images. I could stare at Google maps all day and never see anything like this.

There’s a few people here in the UK who have also created some fantastic Strava artworks. This drawing of a bike by David Taylor took over 180 miles to create and is one of my favourites, especially as it’s been “sketched” in the New Forest!


Cycling Weekly – Five of the Best Strava Art

Sketchbook of a Strava Artist

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  1. loneriderc1 says:

    I love this stuff! I also love your background photo :)

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  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks, TempoCyclist, for the kind words. “The Banksy of the digital world” might be a bit of an overstatement, but I appreciate the comparison/compliment!


    1. Give it time. In years to come you’ll be known as the “Banksy of the digital world” thanks to me, hahaha! Keep up the cracking sketches!


  3. Wow, incredible!..a few weeks back I did tried somehting like this, but isn’t as cool as yours..
    Here is the link>>

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