Festive 500: A bit of planning

With less than a week until the Rapha Festive 500 kicks off, I thought I’d get cracking on a plan on how I’d be able to clock up the 311 miles required. On average I am going to need to cover just under 40 miles per day across the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

To get a good head start I’ve put my longest ride on the first day of the challenge, that way I can hopefully stay ahead of the game. It can be a busy time of year so I’ve sat down and figured out exactly when I can ride and how many miles I need. This is my ideal riding plan:


December 27th is out due to commitments and travelling, although I might squeeze in a couple of miles that evening if I can spare the time. I’m hoping to have this in the bag and not have to ride on the 31st, but it’s free if I need to.

Technically I “only” need 311 miles so aiming for 320 gives me a small margin. In the summer during the holidays this would be a breeze (damn you people doing it in the Southern Hemisphere) but in the depths of winter this could be tough.

Better pack a warm jacket!  #festive500

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