First look: FUMPA Electric Tyre Pump!

Are you tired of lugging a giant track pump around? Are your weakling road cyclist arms getting fatigued while pumping up tyres? Are you just plain lazy? Well, do I have the product for you!

Introducing the FUMPA!

The FUMPA is a small, electric tyre pump that will do all the “heavy lifting” for you. It’s internal battery is rechargeable via USB and it’ll inflate a road tyre from flat to firm in around 30 seconds. FUMPA pumps come in three sizes, with the one I have being the largest. All “laziness” joking aside, I could see it being pretty handy for frequent air travel or even bike packing if that’s your thing.

Three pump sizes, plus a digital tyre gauge.

I received my FUMPA earlier this week. I also bought the extension hose attachment to make fitting to various wheel easier, plus the rechargeable digital pressure gauge. First impressions of the FUMPA are…

  • The pump head attaches firmly and securely
  • Inflation is very quick
  • Build quality appears excellent
  • The unit gets quite warm when in use
  • For something so small, the motor is loud

For my first attempt, I attached it to a spare wheel that was completely flat. The FUMPA latched on and inflated the tyre in a breeze. Then I topped up the air in my Canyon Aeroad’s wheels. It was certainly a lot less effort than using a track pump and arguably quicker too. Although, I haven’t timed that. When I post a full review I’ll conduct a little “FUMPA vs track pump” inflation race.

Once I’ve given my FUMPA a good run for it’s money, I’ll post a long-term review. While certainly not a cheap device compared to a run-of-the-mill track pump, it may be a useful back-up, travel companion or viable alternative when a track pump is not so desirable. Stay tuned!

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